Knot KnowledgeThe Cleat Hitch

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Knot KnowledgeThe Cleat Hitch

Knot Knowledge-The Cleat Hitch This fast and simple knot is used when tying a mooring or dock line to a cleat when docking your vessel. It is important to know the proper technique to secure the line for a couple of reasons. One is the obvious, so your boat doesn’t float away. The other is to wrap the remaining line in a Knice Kneat coil in order to keep the dock clear of any hazards. It is a Knecessary Knot for boating and ties and unties quickly and neatly. It is important to remember this is only for short periods of time. If you plan to dock for long periods a different technique for a “locking hitch” is needed. There are also different techniques depending on variables such as how large your vessel is, what the weather is like, and what you are mooring to. Life on the water is always moving and breathing morning and night, you never know what tomorrow will bring, just put your head on the pillow each night and look forward to the sun rising...


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